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User interface revolution for Liberty


The imminent release of a refreshed Liberty Accounts is motivated by a desire to give you the best experience possible. It is 15 years since we launched and it is great to be able to incorporate some of the latest technologies and approaches to web design that have emerged in recent years. UI Web fonts are a relatively new technology making it easier to give applications a distinctive feel, but they rarely render clearly on all devices. We are using a technology that ensures device optimised fonts are provided to your browser giving outstanding quality text rendering no matter how you access Liberty Accounts. The principal font has been selected for its clarity and legibility on screen making the application easier to use, especially if you are working with it for extended periods. The overall approach to the interface borrows heavily from the Material Design standard. It’s clean, uncluttered simplicity and functional use of colour helps to reduce the cognitive load when working with complex applications and data. Additionally, as many more applications adopt the Material Design standard, users can quickly get to grips with new applications because they are constructed using familiar elements. Finally, with users wanting to use Liberty on a wide range of devices from mobile to desktop, we have made many of the application screens responsive to the device in use, enabling you to use much of Liberty on a mobile if required.


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Fresh new look coming soon…


Your experience as a user of Liberty Accounts is important to us and we have been hard at work spring cleaning the application to make it easier on the eye and simpler to use. The first phase of these improvements, along with payroll updates, is ready for release at the end of March. New Login Screen This update is designed to improve usability on desktop, tablet and mobile but does not include any fundamental changes to functionality. The main improvements include a fresh new look with many more screens providing mobile and tablet friendly user interactions. The menus have been simplified and the bank import feature has been refined based on feedback from users. Over the next few weeks we will be communicating by email some of the changes that you will see to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for you.


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Small Charitable Donations


In December 2016 the Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill, designed to simplify and strengthen the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, and will come into effect at the start of the this tax year. The Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS), introduced in 2013, was originally expected to raise £100m a year but has fallen well short only delivering just over a quarter of that figure currently. With the reforms included in the bill the government estimates the amount of Gift Aid claimed by charities under the scheme will increase by £15m a year. The scheme is intended for occasions where donors don't have time to stop and the provide details required for a gift aid declaration - such as putting money into a charity bucket. Charities are able to claim these repayments on small donations of £20 or less, up to an annual cap. However, as identified on a survey by NCVO, small charities in particular are struggling to make use of the scheme due to complex access requirements which was reflected in the scheme’s usage statistics - only 29% of the number of charities projected to claim in 2014/15 did so (ref: NCVO Briefing). This Bill removes some criteria for charities to access the Scheme, such as the requirement to have made successful gift aid claims in previous years. Also donations made by contactless payment will be covered but this hasn't been extended to cheques, text donations or online payments. A charity’s annual claim under GASDS is capped by reference to its annual claim under Gift Aid (the ‘matching rule’). In addition, a charity that is connected with one or more other charities has to share the annual £8,000 (increasing from the current £5,000) main allowance. Finally, the scheme allows a charity to make an additional claim in respect of donations it has raised as part of its charitable activities in a community building – such as a village hall, town hall or place of worship. The aim of these rules is to allow charities operating in a similar way but structured differently to have the same entitlement to top-up payments. For example, a charity may have several branches but registered as one charity or, alternatively, another charity may have the same structure but each branch may be registered as a separate charity. For further information see Parliament Explanatory Notes


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