Know exactly what tasks need to be performed, by responsible staff member or globally, across your client base on Liberty Accounts.

The Staff User Home Page (first after staff login) provides a listing of all clients that the staff member has been associated with.

The Compliance Task Management shows, with colour coded alerts, tasks that are: overdue; pending; or complete.

Compliance tasks listings can be run for: VAT 100; VAT ECSL; Year-End; Annual Return; Bank Reconciliation; Pay runs; Payroll P35; Payroll FPS; and P11D’s.

Range of businesses

Liberty Accounts allows you to offer your service to the broadest range of businesses from simple cashbook clients to businesses with multi-level bills of material stock requirement.

Wherever your client fits into the SME scale Liberty Accounts can be set-up appropriately so that the business user only sees what is relevant for their business.

With all the features you would expect from a desktop accounting package and many more that you wouldn’t Liberty Accounts provides you with tools to streamline both practice and client business processes.

Liberty provides the UK’s only fully integrated solution for: bookkeeping; VAT registered; branch reporting; fixed asset module; stock management; dividend Minute and Tax Voucher production; operating leases; vehicle allocation register; payroll and P11D service.




Work with your clients in a single environment (only one version of both data and software version!).

Liberty Accounts online service makes it possible for businesses to collaborate effortlessly with their accountants and bookkeepers throughout the whole accounting process, from bookkeeping to year end accounts, with all parties having immediate access to a single view of the current financial picture.
No longer is there a requirement to manage the process of sending back-up file or concern that you are operating on the same version of software.


Export data from Liberty Accounts complete with your back-office accounts production system mapping to quickly produce statutory accounts.

Liberty Accounts provides a global nominal accounts listing with a mapping reference to your back office accounts production software (Liberty Accounts provides standard mapping to all major accounts production solutions) and the ability to specify a mapping account for any unique client account.

A business trial balance may then be exported, pre-mapped, for simple import into your back office accounts production solution, saving time and increasing accuracy.



British business

Liberty Accounts is designed for British business handling both simple and complex matters with ease.

Liberty Accounts is purpose built for UK businesses. We understand the environment in which UK SME’s operate so our online accounting software incorporates time saving features to help deal with the bookkeeping and payroll requirements of the UK VAT and Payroll/P11D regimes as well as the imminent mandatory online filing requirements for VAT, RTI and P11D’s.

Whilst handling everyday matters with ease Liberty Accounts also addresses, with the same ease, more complex areas such as Reverse Charge VAT.



Online filing

Direct filing, through Liberty Accounts, for: VAT (100 and ECSL); RTI and P11D’s.

Liberty Accounts provides online filing options, through the Government Gateway, from within our service for the following:
VAT Returns (100 and ECSL)
Payroll RTI Submissions and

VAT Returns
Liberty Accounts achieved HMRC recognition for online VAT filing and our online accounting customers have been able to file online since the day this service was enabled on the Government Gateway in 2006.

Both the VAT 100 and ECSL (either monthly or quarterly submission) can be filed online including, where appropriate, a VAT de-registration date.
Liberty Accounts is the only online provider with Revenue recognition for ECSL submission.

When Liberty processes a successful response from the Government Gateway it can post the direct debit to the nominated bank account.

RTI Submissions
Liberty Accounts supported online filing for year-end PAYE Return since 2004/05.
2013 saw the first major change in years with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) submissions and Liberty Accounts provides users of the integrated payroll module with the ability to file online, directly from Liberty Accounts with Revenue recognition for:
FPS Full Payment Submission
EPS Employer Payment Summary
NVR NINO Verification Request
EAS Employer Alignment Submission

P11D Returns
Liberty Accounts uniquely provides an integrated P11D option with online filing of the P11D and production of the 336 Claim for employee signature.

Revenue recognition was first achieved in 2009/10.



New business

Traditional desktops solutions are quickly being replaced by online services. Ensure that you are part of the evolution.

Today’s new entrepreneurs (as well as established businesses) are looking to the cloud for the provision of services as they no longer want to be burdened by software updates and back-up or being able to access their data from one physical location.

Liberty Accounts provides you with the potential to attract these new business clients and work with them in a collaborative way.




Allow your clients access rights depending on their capability and role.

Not all of your clients will be accounting savvy and appreciate the fact that you are able, through Liberty Accounts, to define a role from 1 of 14 pre-defined roles that is suitable to both the experience and job function all the way from an individual who may only require sales related options through to full access.
If the pre-defined role don’t exactly match the requirement you can tailor menus to match the needs.  




Save time through Liberty Accounts fully integrated bookkeeping, payroll and P11D service.

Integration avoids the need for duplication of entries from one system to the next and the potential for error. Liberty Accounts has many integrated features including:

Finalise the payroll in Liberty Accounts and automatically the nominal ledger will be updated with the appropriate entries.

Indentify a transaction as being relevant for an employee for P11D and their records are updated allowing simple production of the P11D at year-end.

Stock Management
Raise sales and purchase orders and the system will automatically record a good accrual pending receipt of goods.

"We no longer have to worry about incompatible version numbers, or being locked out of the system because we don't have the latest upgrade"

Tracy Purdon – London 1st Accounting