Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations

For those Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations with a financial years starting after 1st January 2015 reporting will have to done using a new reporting standard – 2015 SORP. Liberty Accounts delivers the UK’s only online service meeting the sectors’ accounting requirement and reporting under the new standard.

Addressing the sectors’ requirements
Funds types: Restricted; Unrestricted (Designated and General); and Endowment.
Transaction analysis to Funds and Activities.
Funds balance transfers.
Associate employee(s) with a Fund.
Reporting under new SORP.
Donor ledger and Gift Aid.

Making your life simpler
NFP organisations’ accounting can be a difficult task without the right tool but Liberty Accounts makes you life simpler.

Integrated options
HMRC approved payroll with RTI submissions.
Fixed asset ledger with auto-depreciation.
Donor ledger and Gift Aid.

Comprehensive reporting
Statement of Financial Activities (SoFA) reporting under SORP 2015.
Report Accruals or Receipts & Payments (smaller charities) accounts.
Reporting by Fund.

Not-for-Profit Support Scheme
Organisations subscribing to Liberty Accounts can reduce monthly charges by £1 for each commercial subscriber they introduce to Liberty Accounts allowing the potential of operating the service for free.

At no additional cost
For those qualifying for our concessionary rate of only £12.95 (+VAT), up to 5 payroll employees are included at no additional charge.

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