The Pensions Regulators messages for employers

Between February and May 2015 The Pensions Regulator will be sending out over a million additional letters, writing to ALL small and micro employers with a staging date between May 2016 and August 2017 to ensure they know when their new workplace duties start with regards to Auto-Enrolment (AE). It will provide key information such as the date the law applies and how employers can nominate a contact with The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

This letter, which is being sent in addition to the 12 month letter, is designed to: raise employer awareness; ensure employers know their correct staging date; assist planning; and reduce the number of employers leaving things to the last minute and risking non-compliance.

According to TPR research, significant numbers of small and micro employers do not yet know their staging dates.

Executive director of automatic enrolment Charles Counsell said employers need to take timely action to get ready.

TPR recently revealed it had issued its first fines for AE failures with three employers hit with £400 fixed penalties back in October last year.

Video resources available to you:

Introduction to automatic enrolment

* Part one – Employer duties

* Part two – Getting started

Staging dates

Who is a worker?

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