A Year’s Payroll in 1 Minute!

Payrolls can be a bit of a drag, especially where they don’t vary from one period to the next but you still have to go through the process of preparing the pay run for the period, submitting your RTI FPS and updating your nominal accounts. Not with Liberty Accounts!

Liberty Accounts ‘Calculate Forward’ feature allows you to prepare a full year’s payroll in less than 1 minute! Individual FPS submissions are then, if enabled, automatically filed on the pay date and your nominal accounts updated.

Designed for businesses with regular recurring payrolls, although it can be used by any business with the use of a simple recalculate option, the ‘Calculate Forward’ feature is yet another innovative solution from Liberty Accounts.

Liberty Accounts, HMRC recognised, fully integrated payroll option has been part of their service since 2005, providing businesses with a single solution for their accounting and payroll needs. Intuitive processing with high levels of automation has always been part of the service but the new feature takes payroll to a new level.

Alongside Liberty Accounts integrated payroll is their unique P11D data capture, reporting and submission feature – another innovative solution delivered by Liberty Accounts in 2009.

If you want to take the pain out of preparing payrolls and P11D’s then look no further.

Calculate Forward Video >>

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