User interface revolution for Liberty

The imminent release of a refreshed Liberty Accounts is motivated by a desire to give you the best experience possible. It is 15 years since we launched and it is great to be able to incorporate some of the latest technologies and approaches to web design that have emerged in recent years.


Web fonts are a relatively new technology making it easier to give applications a distinctive feel, but they rarely render clearly on all devices. We are using a technology that ensures device optimised fonts are provided to your browser giving outstanding quality text rendering no matter how you access Liberty Accounts.

The principal font has been selected for its clarity and legibility on screen making the application easier to use, especially if you are working with it for extended periods.

The overall approach to the interface borrows heavily from the Material Design standard. It’s clean, uncluttered simplicity and functional use of colour helps to reduce the cognitive load when working with complex applications and data. Additionally, as many more applications adopt the Material Design standard, users can quickly get to grips with new applications because they are constructed using familiar elements.

Finally, with users wanting to use Liberty on a wide range of devices from mobile to desktop, we have made many of the application screens responsive to the device in use, enabling you to use much of Liberty on a mobile if required.

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