21st March 2020

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First year free to theFSI members

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Liberty Accounts have been delighted to work with theFSI for a number of years and always keen to support their membership.

Last year we successfully launched a fantastic offer to members of your first year on Liberty Accounts being FREE of charge.

Due to last years' success and we would like to extend this offer until 31st December 2020.

Last year the offer was limited to the first 100 registrants but as we recognise that COVID-19 will affect charity income in 2020 we are making the offer to all those registering before the end of the year.

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“ The perfect cloud accounting and payroll software for our small to medium sized charitable organisations ” - Janine Edwards

Sign up for the free trial below, set up your organisation and subscribe, then call us on 0800 170 1150 with your FSI membership number to claim your free first year license.


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July 2021
Banding method VAT scheme for churches and cathedrals

Cathedrals and churches that have commercial operations that enable them to reclaim VAT will use the banding method, also known as apportionment of tax by cathedrals and churches.

January 2021
Fund accounting basics

Types of funds and examples of how the best to approach managing them. Fund accounting and reporting is a unique requirement for not-for-profit organisations and is one of the differences between charity and commercial business financial reporting.

December 2020
Cloud accounting and payroll software for charities

Charities face the same regulatory pressures as commercial organisations but, in addition, must also deal with complex sector-specific reporting requirements intended to demonstrate good stewardship to supporters and regulators alike.

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