Flexible friends – Body Active Chiropractic Clinics


When you are running a business you want a bookkeeping solution that reflects the way you work, not one that demands you change the way you do things, so staff at Body Active Chiropractic Clinics were delighted when they discovered Liberty. ‘The set up we had previously didn’t reflect the company,’ recalls practice manager Heidi Hayes. Because the bookkeeper didn’t work on site, and used a traditional accounting package, invoices and papers were routinely sent backwards and forwards in the post, and the payroll was handled (at some cost) by an accountant.

The old approach wasn’t very practical…

‘Now we can do all of this, and more, ourselves,’ says Heidi, who uses Liberty’s online accounting software to manage the clinic’s accounts and handle its payroll. ‘The old approach wasn’t very practical,’ she says, so when the practice started to expand it needed a system that would reduce both the workload and the associated costs. ‘Liberty has saved us time and money,’ she asserts, and helped Body Active to improve its financial management.

‘Liberty’s online accounting software is very simple to use, and it gives me complete control over our finances,’ she enthuses. Liberty keeps Heidi informed on debtors and creditors, so she knows when bills need paying, and she can see how much money Body Active has in its bank accounts at a glance. ‘It’s easy to keep everything up-to-date,’ she says, ‘and I always know where I am. I feel in complete control.’

Now, I’m doing a job I wouldn’t be able to do without Liberty…

This is quite an achievement for someone who is doing accounts for the first time – with no training. ‘When I joined Body Active I was a chiropractic assistant,’ Heidi explains. ‘Now, I’m doing a job I wouldn’t be able to do without Liberty, from wherever I happen to be,’ she says, adding: ‘I wouldn’t be without it.’

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