Stock management vital – Ontrak

Colin Relph, the founder of Ontrak, says that his company is very much living up to its name as it approaches its 25th birthday next year - even if it appears to have just done a complete U-turn. Next month, the company will cease to be known as...

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Liberty provides peace of mind – Interactive Marketing

Not only does Interactive Marketing have much in common with Liberty Accounts - they are both pioneering, innovation-driven companies, with an emphasis on customer relations - its founder Keith Owen credits Liberty for inspiring him to elevate h...

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Geared to handling requirements of charities – Destiny Church

In his role as finance director and treasurer of the Destiny Church, a small Christian ministry based in Teeside, in the North-East of England, Deveshin Reddy is used to having someone watching over him from on high. When he’s working on the c...

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Accountant – Rapidly Growing Practice

The growing firm of Rodliffe Accounting has used its three-year relationship with Liberty Accounts as the basis for its expansion and diversification. Prepare to be impressed... Relationships matter: clients are the life-blood of an accountan...

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Flexible friends – Body Active Chiropractic Clinics

Chiropractor When you are running a business you want a bookkeeping solution that reflects the way you work, not one that demands you change the way you do things, so staff at Body Active Chiropractic Clinics were delighted w...

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Growing together – 020 London Directory
Internet entrepreneur Gregory Bricusse knows a thing or two about technology. As the brains behind t...

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