Integrated Stock Management

Stock management, with a multi-level bill of materials option, has been integrated in Liberty Accounts since 2007. And it’s FREE under our Small Business Concessionary Scheme.

3rd party add-ons not required
Basic stock control is handled with ease and if your requirement extends to: manufacturing goods for sale; operating negative stock; purchase order processing; accounting under FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out), rather than standard costing, then Liberty addresses your needs without the cost or complexity of 3rd party add-ons.

Recipe for success
If your business manufactures products then Liberty Accounts bill-of-materials option will be the tool for you.

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Offering more control
Stock valuation basis: Standard; FIFO; or LIFO.
Options to allow negative stock from sales or works orders.
Sales and purchase order processing.
and for those using Bill-of-Materials: Works order processing.

Comprehensive reporting
Replenishment planning; Stock variance; Sales and purchase order status.
and for those using Bill-of-Materials: Costed bill-of-materials; Works order planning.

Free under Small Business Concessionary Scheme
Under our concessionary scheme small businesses can run stock management for free. Normal charges are £10 for the first 500 stock items.

At no additional cost
Manufacturing business users of Liberty Accounts stock management benefit from the use of our bill-of-materials option at no additional charge.

"Because we're a charity, we pay a reduced rate..."

David Ryder, Treasurer – St Marks Church, Sheffield