Liberty Accounts caters for the requirements of both commercial and Not-for-Profit organisations. Clients range from single person “micro-businesses” to manufacturing businesses with 100+ employees and Not-for-Profit organisations from small charities operating with less than £20,000 income to those with £10m+ income with more complex requirements.

Our pricing policy aims to ensure that the powerfully integrated features of Liberty Accounts are available to smaller organisations at an affordable price, with larger organisations paying more, in line with their use of the system.

N.B. All prices are exclusive of VAT and all subscriptions must be paid by Direct Debit.

Commercial businesses are initially licensed under the Small Business Concession at £12.95 per month giving them access to the full functionality of the product while the business remains within thresholds detailed below.


Not-for-Profit organisations benefit from a similar Concession Pricing of £12.95 per month while the organisation remains within thresholds detailed above. We also offer a Not-for-Profit Support Scheme which reduces the monthly charge by £1 for each commercial subscriber they introduce to Liberty Accounts. It is possible to use Liberty Accounts free of charge under this scheme.

Once an organisation exceeds the defined thresholds as assessed during the billing run on the 1st of each month they become subject to Standard Pricing as follows:



Fair Usage Allowances and Concession Thresholds

Organisations are subject to a Transactions Excess charge when the 3 month transaction average exceeds the Fair Usage Allowance of 500 per month. The average is calculated a month in arrears as a 3 month rolling average. Organisations which exceed this allowance will lose Concessionary Pricing status.

Commercial organisations with a 12 month turnover exceeding £75,000 will lose Concessionary Pricing status.

Not-for-Profit organisations with a 12 month turnover/income exceeding £250,000 will lose Concessionary Pricing status.

For the purpose of assessing eligibility for Concessionary Pricing turnover is evaluated a month in arrears as a 12 month total. If the turnover threshold is exceeded Concessionary Pricing status is withdrawn and turnover is no longer evaluated.


Data Retention Policy

For unlicensed organisations we retain data for up to 12 months after which it is automatically deleted from our systems. If it is appropriate to your own data security and confidentiality policies we offer an archive service, retaining your data on Liberty for 7 years for a single payment of £100+VAT.


With our 6 month money-back guarantee you can try Liberty Accounts and within the first 6 months after subscribing you can request a full refund if for any reason Liberty Accounts does not meet your needs.

We would appreciate any feedback you are able to give us.

Customer Quote:
"We don't have to worry about back-ups and we have very robust recovery in the event of a computer failure."

Graham Jackson – Jackson Maunders