Finding your way around new Liberty Accounts

You asked. We listened. Liberty Accounts will be releasing its new user interface at the end of the month. Here are a few pointers to help you find your way around.

Simpler menus

The menus will be more logically organised.

Items from the “Activities” menu will appear under new “Income” or “Expenditure” menus as appropriate and the bank related activities will be nested with the relevant bank account menu item.

There will be a new “HMRC” menu which is where all your Government Gateway filing can be managed, including VAT, payroll, P11D, and charity Gift Aid claims.

Listings will be paired with their respective edit items e.g. “Invoices & Credit Notes” will be in the menu with “Add Invoice”, eliminating the old “Lists” menu.

More commonly used actions will be emphasised and found at the top of menu groups while configuration and setup actions will be at the bottom.

LA - WayAround_

Local menu for the list item

Where you see the following “three dots” icon in a listing you will have access to actions such as “Open”, “Delete” etc. as relevant to the item.

Line item menu

Use your browser back button to return to previous screen

Most browsers have a “back button” in the top menu, and also provide a right-click context sensitive menu anywhere in the window which will give access to a “back button”.

If you prefer keyboard commands the following worked for us:

Alt + Left Arrow (Windows users)
Command + Left Arrow (Mac users)

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