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Where your data is held DOES matter


The EU’s highest court ruled, on 6th October 2015, that a legal mechanism enabling companies to transfer personal data between the EU and the US is invalid. The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) said the 'safe harbour' regime does not provide adequate data protection, as required by EU law when personal data is sent outside of the European Economic Area. It said that there are insufficient restrictions on how the US authorities can use data transferred to the US from the EU and that therefore the safe harbour regime does not respect privacy in the way required under EU law. The fact EU citizens do not have a judicial right to redress in the US if their data is mishandled also counted against the safe harbour regime, according to the ruling. If you’re using an integrated online accounting and payroll service then there is a variety of information that is held on servers that the ruling could be applied to – customers, suppliers and, importantly, employees. As Liberty Accounts servers are held in the UK the ruling does not affect us or our clients but there are thousands of businesses who will have to find alternative ways of transferring personal data between the EU to the US to remain compliant with EU data protection rules. Whilst a new Safe Harbour replacement is in the pipeline Information Law expert Marc Dautlich of Pinsent Masons argues that "like the safe harbour regime, model clauses have been approved by the European Commission, giving rise to the possibility that similar challenges could be brought against the adequacy of data protection provided for when model clauses are relied on for transferring data to third countries". So if you are using any online service which holds any personal data of customers, suppliers, or employees in the US — and you want to protect your business from any potential liability—you should ensure that your service provider complies with EU data protection regulations. CJEU Ruling Reference -


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Charities VAT Refund Scheme


HMRC has updated VAT Notice 1001 on the VAT Refund Scheme for qualifying charities. VAT Notice 1001 explains which charities are eligible for a refund of VAT incurred on goods and services used for their non-business activities; what to do when circumstances change; what falls within the scope of the refund scheme; and how to make a claim. The notice only applies to charities defined as qualifying as defined under section 33C and 33D of the VAT Act 1994. There are 4 categories of qualifying charities and they are: · palliative care · air ambulance · search and rescue · medical courier Ordinarily, it’s not possible to recover the VAT incurred on goods and services purchased to support non-business activities. However, in certain circumstances, there are schemes to reimburse this otherwise irrecoverable VAT. For this to be the case, the provisions of sections 33C and 33D of the VAT Act 1994 must apply. Qualifying charities can claim a refund of VAT, whether or not VAT registered, for costs they incur on most goods and services supplied to them on or after 1 April 2015 and which relate to their non-business activities. This extends to UK VAT incurred on: · the supply to them of goods or services · goods imported from a country outside the EC or acquired from another member state of the EC Refunds claims should be made in Box 4 of the VAT Return. In that include not only the input tax incurred in making the taxable business supplies, but also the amount of VAT being reclaimed under sections 33C and 33D. Be sure to include the net value of purchases in Box 7. A charity that has been granted an exemption must register for VAT to claim a refund of VAT. For those non-VAT registered a claim may be made using form VAT126. HMRC make refunds by BACS or payable order, and give a unique number to quote on all claims - but this doesn’t mean that HMRC has registered you for VAT. ​If in any doubt please seek advise from your professional adviser. ​


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GoCardless Integration


Liberty Accounts GoCardless integration provides a mechanism whereby can offer a 'Pay Now by GoCardless' button on emailed customer invoices. This enables your customers to easily and, hopefully, quickly settle their invoices and help improve your cash flow. This video demonstrates both the set-up and process of using this feature.


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GoCardless Integration