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Fund Accounting

Built-in support simplifies fund accounting for charities

Identifying fund by type and reporting your SoFA

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One-click SoFA reports

A SORP 2015 compliant Statement of Financial Activities (SoFA) is never more than a mouse-click away with our fund accounting software.

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Fund opening balances

A structured approach to opening balances allows for setup on Liberty either at the beginning of your accounting period or mid-year as needed.

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Real-time view of fund balances

If your bookkeeping is up-to-date, then so are your fund balances making it easy to know how much you have available to fund activities. Both Income & Expenditure and Receipts & Payments are supported.

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Demonstrate good custodianship

Powerful budgeting features with easy reporting against actuals help meet nonprofit accounting requirements to demonstrate good custodianship. Reports are available to show budget performance by fund.

Fund accounting features for nonprofits include:

Define unlimited funds and designate a default fund for user input

Line item designation of funds if needed for precise control

Audit trail of transfers between funds for transparency

Associate employees with funds to automate analysis of pay

Associate assets with funds to automate analysis of depreciation expense

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