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Security and Control

Protect your business by keeping critical financial data safe

Includes role based user access control

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Physical security

Your data is held in a secure data centre and backed up to a remote location so you can always count on having access to critical financial records.

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Digital security

Your data resides on a digital infrastructure designed to minimise the risk of unwanted access using industry standard technologies such as SSL encryption of network traffic and multi-layered firewall protection against intrusion.

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Role based access control

Separation of responsibilities is facilitated by customisable roles ensuring users only have access to the parts of the application that they need.

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Fraud protection

A centralised audit trail which cannot be interfered with or overwritten ensures you know who did what and when they did it.

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Enhanced Login Security

Optional two factor authentication provides reassurance for many users and may be required for GDPR security compliance by your organisation.

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Security policies & Event log

Demonstrate responsible custodianship of data using optional security policies to mandate enhanced login security for users and monitor security relevant events via the security event log.

Other aspects of security and control include:

All data is held exclusively in the UK

Unlimited users so no reason to share user accounts

GDPR compliant emailing of employee payslips as encrypted pdf

Grant temporary, time restricted, access to external users such as auditors

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