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Expense & Benefits

Streamline your expense & benefits reporting compliance

Automatically identify expenses and file directly to HMRC

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HMRC compliant

HMRC Recognised expense & benefits filing is integrated into Liberty Accounts.

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Streamlined and simple

Associate expenses with employees as they are recorded. When P11D filing time comes, the process of gathering and categorising relevant expenses and filing returns to HMRC is quick and easy.

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Supports “Payrolling” of benefits in kind

You can process employee benefits through payroll during the year rather than let them build up to a single large payment at the end of the year. Liberty Accounts facilitates payrolling for P11D categories selected as required.

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Asset and Vehicle Allocation

The asset and vehicle ledgers support the P11D process by providing for allocation of assets and vehicles to employees as well as capturing additional information needed for P11D reporting purposes.

P11D features also include:

Employee P11D form includes Section 336 form for job related expenses

Easy emailing of P11D report to employees

Standard expense accounts categorised to P11D sections by default

Custom expense accounts can be categorised to P11D sections as required

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