Trustees Annual Report

Charity commission annual return is a summary of how your charity is run.

Unit 6

The Charities Commission (for England and Wales), The Office of the Scottish Charity and The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland require that a charity prepare a Trustees report to accompany the financial accounts each year and submit to the appropriate regulator.

Trustees' annual report template (SORP FRS 102)

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August 2023
The importance of budgeting

Are you a small business or charity? Discover why you need a budget to thrive and make lasting change. Learn the essentials now!

Updated August 2023
Receipts & payments vs accrual accounting

Charities with a gross income below £250,000 and who are not registered as a company have the option of preparing receipts and payments accounts, as long as their governing document does not require their charity's annual accounts to be prepared as accruals accounts.

Updated August 2023
Simplify employee cost allocation

Employee cost allocation is the process of distributing staff costs across various aspects of a business. This helps in understanding how employees are used in different projects, allowing for accurate budgeting, enabling full costing for projects and better management control.